不定期に発表、リリースする自社ブランド” GOUCHA ” はバイヤーでもあり、カプリプロデューサーでもある田中自身が永年に亘り拘る、”大人のための《究極の日常着》”を製作。
私達が提案するビンテージの《名品》、《名作》の数々同様、”カプリでしか購入出来ない”、”他では手に入れることが出来ない”少量生産、少量製作の作品の世界もまたご体感、お愉しみ頂ければ幸いです。拘りのある皆様方、”ある程度モノを見てきた”、”ある程度モノを通ってきた” 皆様方、是非カプリにお越し下さい。

CAPRi opened in the city center of Kyoto, Japan‘s old capital, in 2002.
Since we opened, our director/buyer Sosuke Tanaka has been to the buying trips every two months across USA and some countries in Europe, to select and buy the rare vintage pieces and the iconic masterpieces from the different eras, which he believes have high standard workmanship.
With his experiences and expertise, we have a selection of the dead-stock items in mint condition and the iconic masterpieces from each era and category, as well as so-called “museum pieces” that you would find only at CAPRi.
Our clients include designers from some of the most established European maison brands, the fashion professionals from all over the world and the museum officials.
Our in-house label GOUCHA has been releasing new items on an irregular basis. Goucha propose “the ultimate everyday wear” for grown-ups, that Capri’s Tanaka himself has always had a clear strong vision of throughout his long-standing career.
It would be our pleasure if you could experience and enjoy our vision through the Goucha products, that is only available in Capri. Our products are carefully produced in very limited numbers by small productions.
Please visit our store in Kyoto. Capri is for those who have seen and gone through “the stuff” already and know what they want.



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